Ten years of grant-giving has taught us one thing: give more.

To celebrate our 10th year, we’re evolving our grant structure to give nonprofits in the Portland area a choice on what type of help they’d like to receive from us.

Do you think your organization could use some Grady Britton firepower? If so, it’s up to you to determine which one of the two grants (or both) is right for you. Not coincidentally, we’ve titled our grants after the two animals of our mascot, the mighty griffin.

Choose Wisdom

By choosing Wisdom — the eagle side of the griffin — you’re tapping into our brainpower and $25K of marketing and branding expertise.

Apply For Marketing

Choose Courage

By choosing Courage — the lion side of the griffin — you’re calling on our physical strength and 150 volunteer hours your organization can use over the course of an entire year.

Apply For Volunteering

Grant applications are due on Thursday, October 24th 2019

Are your nonprofit needs such that you could benefit from having the services of BOTH of our grants? If so, present your case. Complete an application for each of the two grants, submit them together and who knows? Perhaps we’ll be delivering the perfect blend of courage and wisdom to one deserving nonprofit.


45 Years, 45 Stories

We know we don’t look it, but this year also marks our 45th birthday. That’s right, 45 years of building brands for people dedicated to making the world a better place. That’s kind of a big deal — to us, certainly, and hopefully to those we’ve helped over the years.

To commemorate this occasion, we will, as part of our marketing package, create and share a mix of 45 stories and posts highlighting your outstanding efforts.

10 years of the GB Grant

Join an elite group of do-gooders.

Past GB Grant winners have included LIVE, Marathon Scholars, Meals on Wheels People, Community Warehouse and S.M.A.R.T. Although each winner and each campaign has been unique, Grant recipients are united by their passion for coming up with innovative ways to serve those in our community who need help the most.


S.M.A.R.T. (Start Making A Reader Today)

When a child learns to read, the path of his or her life is forever altered in ways big and small. You just never know how one person’s ability to read will affect the course of many, many lives.

That powerful promise fueled the concept Grady Britton created for S.M.A.R.T.’s volunteer recruitment campaign, starting with a future “story” that hinges on the fact that a child learned to read. Is he or she the child you, as a volunteer, will help? These thought-provoking stories were brought to life in identity work, print ads, a website redesign and radio ads.


The Dougy Center

Our 2009 grant recipient, The Dougy Center, does the valuable work of providing peer counseling to help children and teens heal after the loss of a loved one. We were asked to re-energize their brand, explain the range and depth of their services and to increase financial donations.

Grady Britton wrote and designed new communications elements including a brochure and website. Both pieces included updated messaging to better communicate the center’s internationally renowned model for peer-supported grief counseling as well as resources and tools to help all site visitors process grief in healthy ways.


Oregon Partnership Military Hotline

Oregon Partnership’s Military Helpline is an organization with a big mission: suicide and drug abuse prevention. They provide a 24-hour suicide hotline for military personnel and veterans in crisis. We were tapped to build awareness of this life-saving service.

After brainstorming with their staff, we determined the Helpline needed its own identity and some key communications pieces. The goal was challenging — reach people who have been trained to not ask for help, and reach them before they’re in crisis. Grady Britton developed a new logo, a series of posters, PSAs and other creative assets that were later repurposed for direct mail assets, website content, etc.